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    Le vodou haitien est un syncretisme resultant de la rencontre de trois con-tinents(Afrique,Amerique, Europe) et des differentes populations de ces espa-ces de plusieurs millions de ... Click image to learn more...
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    Les esclaves noirs importes d’Afrique vers les Ameriques, sont naturellement issus des tribus originelles composant le peuple-ment de leur continent de naissance. Ils sont donc Bambara, Foula, Arada ou Arda, Mandingue, Fon, Nago, Iwe, Ibo, Yoruba, d’autres tribus du Congo, Click image to learn more...
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    Le terme esprit ici doit etre compris au sens de la force invisible. C’est d’abord BONDIYE, le demiurge, l’incommensu- rable, l’inconcevable, le plus haut, le plus grand, le plus fort, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent. Click image to learn more...
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    Les Dahoméens ont présidé à l’élaboration de la pensée religieuse laquelle participeront tous les esclaves de Saint-Domingue et à l’intérieur de laquelle ils introduiront des éléments propres à leurs cultures. Click image to learn more...
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    Les definitions du mot “FANMI” dans le vodou, sont trop diffuses pour oser en avancer une ici, qui serait veritablement valable. Fanmi trip (famille biologique), fanmi fey (famille religieuse, vodou), fan-mi(famille de Coeur),etc. Il y des loas de meme famille Click image to learn more...
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    les pratiques mystiques sont les memes pour tou-tes les cultures, sous toutes les latitudes. Seules les formes different selon les groupes humains et a l’interieur des sous groupes d’un meme lieu et cul-ture. Click image to learn more...
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    Le vaudou, reconnu depuis la pré genèse, est l’une des plus anciennes religions datée de plus de cinquante quatre millions d’années. Les vaudouisants sont considérés également comme congos, timbous et malimbés. Quand débarqués en Amérique, beaucoup de congos étaient déjà baptisés. Click image to learn more...


October 20, 2013

You can call me ‘W’. I’m a man that holds high office in society ; therefore , I wish to remain annonymous. You will understand
I’m sure.. I’m a business man. I started my business many years ago. I struggled, I tried and did every thing I know
legally possible, but things seem to remain stagnant. I mean on movement of any kind.
I reach to a point where, is either I close up shop or I continue on the same path I’m on and as you can see, It was not a path that leads to success.
I was at a meeting where I met this kind gentleman. We introduced ourselves. He became my guardian angel. To make a long story short. He says if I need my business to grow I MUST see Felix. At first I was very skeptical,but after carefully thought it through. I concluded. I have nothing to loose. After all, I have tried every thing possible , but to no avail. I search for Felix’s number, because my guardian angel had given it to me which I reluctantly took… Thank heavens I did.. Fast forward. I met Felix. He took my case. I’m writing with a smile,because. Within the period of six months. I began to seek a larger space for my business. Today, my business is flourishing. in four states.. Felix , you are a God send .. I have recommended a few other persons to Felix, and they cannot stop thanking me; as I am with my guardian angel..
God bless you Felix and thanks to you. Today I’m a happy man . Felix, you made it happen….

My name is Jennifer. I came here and did not have any papers. I could hardly get anything to do like work. I know I could not go back to my country, because I would not be able to come back, and a friend told me about Felix. He knows exactly what to do when I went to him and tell him what I needed.
Today , I have my papers, I went to college, got my degree, got a career and is planning to open my own business soon. The best part is, I can travel back to my country to visit my elderly parents and see relatives. Thank you Felix. You make my life better..


I am Margaret. I have been out of a job for 3 years. The only thing I could
get was little temp job short term . My bills were piling up. I did not know what to do. I practically owed everyone I know money.
I met a lady at the supermarket and we started talking about the high prices in the supermarket.. One conversation led to another
She says ” Girl,you got to see this man. His name is Felix.” That is exactly what she says to me after hearing my story. I’m so glad she did. I went to Felix, he helped me secure a permanent job, my bills are being paid and I’m not stressing like I was . This man Felix, He is the best thing that ever happen to me. Thank you Felix. You put me back on my feet..
I will recommend you to anyone that is having any kind of problem. Finally, I sent my girlfriend there and she was very pleased with the results.


My name is BJ: I heard about Felix through an ex-coworker of mine. She did not know anything about my problem, Truth be told, I was having problems finding true love. She was not my girlfriend, so I did not tell her my business… As co-worker we were very cordial and friendly to each other. That makes it very comfortable for us to talk. I throw out an hypothetical situation during one of our girl talks one day while we were having lunch, and without any hesitation, she said ” I would go to Felix” Felix, I questioned. “she says “Yes, Felix, you don’t know him”? No I said. Now I began to fish.
I asked her for Felix’s number just in case I might need it. I told her, In retrospect, I needed that number because I did not know anyone like Felix.. Well, I went to see Felix. He asked me what I want him to do. I told him., I needed to find me a husband . Yes, I said it.But, Felix fixed it for me. Today I not only find true love but I’m married
to a wonderful man that loves me for me.. Thank you Felix God bless you…


My name is Titine. I always had issues with my body. For example, when it came to menstrual cramps, that prohibited me to go to school, go out, anywhere. This forced me to stay home for weeks because the pain was excruciating. My mother then asked to bring me to see a Bush Doctor, Felix. At first i was skeptical because i am american and i didn’t believe in voodoo. I didn’t want to go because i always heard bad things about voodoo. My mom then told me how this was a traditional remedy & i went to see Felix. He gave me a tea that actually made the pain stop. I am thankful for him because now i don’t have to miss school/work for anything of that nature. If it wasn’t for him, i would have always been dealing with that pain. Thank you Felix, for everything.


My husband and I have been married for 20 years without a child. We have visited several doctors, and have test done
on us both. The results were always the same, ” You’re both healthy and should be able to have children. ” The doctors were not able to do anything medically for us except the only option was artificial insemination. We both decided to give the idea some careful thought.A good friend of mine noticed my sad countenance one day as we were
talking and asked, why the sad face? I explained to her the whole situation of not being able to give my husband a child after 20 years of marriage.She says I don’t know how you feel about traditional medicine, but if you’re
interested to give it a try I know someone that can help. I agreed with telling my husband. She took me to see this man named Felix. He is a God sent. Felix gave me some medicine to take which I took eight (8) weeks after I went to see my doctor. After not feeling well, he ran several tests. The result this time were different. He says I was 6 weeks pregnant.
Today my baby girl is healthy and my husband is very happy. Thank you Felix so much !


My husband and I could not have a child after several years of marriage.Sometimes my belly gets bloated like I’m pregnant. The doctors says it’s false pregnancy. My in-laws was at my throat day and night. They called me barren. This puts a strain on my marriage, to the point where my husband almost left me not because he wanted to but because of his family. I was at my breaking point. I began to ask people that I trust and know about herbal medicine. Luck would have it a kind gentle man gave me Felix’s number and said to call him. He said my dear if anyone can help, Felix can. No matter what your problem is …. I called immediately. I scheduled an appointment and went to see Felix. To make this story short. Felix fixed my problem. I got pregnant gave birth to a son, he is two and a half
years old and I’m currently six months pregnant ans is expecting to have another boy.. All thanks to This good man Felix.
Felix , you’re the best..Today, my in-laws are calm and are treating me respectfully. Thank you Felix

Call me C

My name is Daniel. I had problem getting my green card after living here in the USA for 8 years.. I heard about Felix and went to see him. Yes, I got my work permit two years now and my lawyer just told me that my green card is been approved and is being mailed to me .. Thanks to you Felix. I can now go visit my family and come back freely.. You’re the man Felix.. I will definitely be telling everyone I know about you. Thanks again Felix.

Felix I Have to write and say thank you for your help. When my husband left me for another woman that is much younger
than me I was devastated and did not know what to do. You were referred to me by a good friend. He told me you could help and he was right.. My husband left me for about three years and Felix you brought him back to me. He is home where he belongs. Now I do not have to worry about him leaving me any more, because of you, Felix took care of that.. Thanks you Felix for bringing back my husband to me.. Beatrice

Thank you Felix for helping me with my court case. For three years I have been fighting with an insurance company regarding a settlement I had to sue for. They had money to hired high powered attorney. I could not afford much.. Yes I a lawyer that was trying his best, but it kept dragging out. I was beginning to think that it was a lost cause until I asked around for someone like Felix. I did not know any one like him.. My neighbor
told me about Felix; in fact she took me to see him.. Felix took my case and worked on it.. I will not go into the details ,but I will say this.. Felix you’re a good man at what you do.. My case is settled. Yes,
I won the lawsuit and I’m very pleased with the outcome. All thanks to Felix. My name is Clive.

Mr Felix: I have to write and say thank you for your help.You put me back on my feet after several years of illness.I am telling my story in sure, because I want every one to know how kind and how good your work is. I was sick for
six years. I could not keep anything down when i ate. I went to several doctors and specialists. Each one gave me medication but none of which help with my condition. I almost gave up because I did not know what else to do or where to go for help. A lady came to visit me one day wanted to know how I was doing. During her visit
she suggested that I go and see Felix. I did not hesitate ,because I need help badly. I was so weak. Had to stay in be most of the time. This lady accompanied me to see Felix. He immediately told me what was wrong with me and said not to worry. He will take care of the problem.And take care of it he did.. He gave me some medicine, told me what to do while he did his part.. I tell you, in less than a week I was out of strong and healthier than I have been in years.. Today, I’m in very good health.. I can eat all i want and it stays down.. Thanks to Felix..
You’re a good man God pits you here to help any one that needs help. Keep up the good work.. Joan.

I had a business that could not grow.. I tried everything business wise but nothing worked.. My friend suggested I see someone and look about my business. I asked him what he was talking about. I did everything I know how to do, but nothing seemed to work. He bluntly said to me ” You need to see Felix ” . This man will help you with your business. He referred
someone we know and said that is why their business prospered. I asked him to take me there. Long story short, I went to see Felix. He removed all that was preventing my business from growing. Today my business is where I want it be, very successful. All thanks to Felix. Felix , Thank you very much for your help… Michael.

My husband I tried for years to have a child but just could not. We have gone to the doctor, but no change. the doctors told us we there was nothing wrong with us. we were healthy end are able to have
children. Still nothing.. I heard about Felix through a good friend. I asked
to take to see Felix. She agreed and took me He told me not to worry, he will help us. Help us,he did.. Felix gave me the right medicine and told me what
to do. I did as instructed. Within six (6) weeks I got pregnant.
Today my son is three (3) years old and is very healthy. Thank you Felix. My husband and I are very happy, and we thanks you very much …. Dessie

I had problem keeping a job. I would get me a good job and hope each time I get one that it would be permanent.Needless to say I ended up loosing each one.. I became very frustrated and decided
I must do something about the situation. I knew about Felix,but had never thought about going to see him until now. His office I knew where to find, so I went to see him. I told him what I want.It has been six years. Felix helped me find another good job and yes, I’m still there. Thanks to Felix. I’m no longer in and out of
jobs. Thank you Felix…… Donald

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